How to Get Your Book to a Publisher

Developmental or Substantial Editing is used to coach or guide an author’s work to the next level. We not only mark errors in the text, we assist the author with making changes necessary to Katzung Pharmacology 13th Edition PDF strengthen their writing and develop the story. This includes:

Correcting mechanical, grammar, and usage errors

Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Checking for proper alignment and spacing of text.

Marking inconsistencies regarding format of dates, headlines, numbers, and alphabetized, bulleted, and numbered lists.

Note awkward transitions, redundancies, and hyperbole

Note any biased language or stereotyping

We may rewrite some sections that really need it. We assist the imp source author on all elements of book development including front matter, back matter, formatting, transitional segues, flow of thought, historically accurate content, bibliography, end notes, and all those bothering but necessary things needed to strengthen writing and make it marketable. The editor may ask the author to rewrite some sections in order to learn from the process. Our editors will respect and preserve the author’s personal voice and style while polishing the work. Think of a developmental editor as a writing coach or mentor for aspiring authors who want to improve their overall writing skills.


Developmental editing is just shy of a ghostwriting service. The difference is a ghostwriter does just about everything for the author and the author simply approves or requests changes. The learning component is missing in the ghostwrite.

Medium Copyediting still carries some developmental components. An editor will mark mechanical, grammar, and usage errors, red line for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, comment on awkward transitions, redundancies, and hyperbole, and note inconsistencies with formatting, alignment, and spacing of text. However, we do not rewrite for the author at this level of edit. Instead, the author is responsible for making these changes. This cuts down on the editor’s time and therefore, the total cost of the editing service.


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